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  • Santander 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships

    " ¡DrSails is always in my tool box!"

  • Bruno Garcia_WAW_05022015

    "“¡DrSails is an outstanding product and I am excited to see it going overseas!”"

  • 10-05-2018

    Seacock sealed underwater

    Leak sealed perfect in a wooden 65ft classic boat

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    No words needed to show how a seacock can be sealed underwater in less than five minutes.

    Amazing job done by

  • Broken Glasses

    Santiago Lange shows us the successful repair of his glasses during Palmavela race.

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    With a little bit of adhesive DrSails he glued the broken side piece, and due to its fast curing time it was able to use them again in just 30 minutes.

    Gafas 2 Gafas 3

  • Surf fins

    Jordi Oliva installed the fin's plugs of a surfboard with DrSails.

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    I was building-up my third surfboard and the first one with removable fins…

    Tapones 3 Tapones 4

    Instead of using conventional casting, I decided to install them with DrSails adhesive mixed with ALLROUND Lite additive. It was much easier and faster.

    Tapones 5Tapones 1






  • 11-04-2017

    Non-slip strip

    Alegre's deck grip improved by Carlos Ruigomez

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    grip 3

    The captain of the mini-maxi ship Alegre Carlos Ruigomez relied on DrSails adhesive to glue an anti-slip strip in the bow hatch. He considered that DrSails offers a safe and lasting solution for the important safety of the crew.

    grip 1grip 2

  • Opti bow crashed

    Optimist repair by Alberto Garcia Villar from FLOW.

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    Opti bowOpti bow 1

    After a collision the bow suffered damages in the front and also in the give. Applying DrSails TRIO ALLROUND  was the easy and efficient solution.

    Opti bow 4

  • Rib hutch cracked

    Seal the crack avoid water filtration in the double hull of the rib.

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    A heavy stomping cracked the drum of a rib .
    With the help of DrSails adhesive the crack was sealed and the hutch reinforced also.

    Tambucho 2

  • 31-01-2017

    Steering wheel emergency repair

    Efficient steering wheel repair made in the night during the Sydney-Hobart Race.

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    The mainsheet wrap around the steering wheel and snapped it in two places. The guys repaired in during the night with DrSails adhesive, gybed back and sailed the last 140 miles to the finish with the repaired wheel.

    Rueda 2



  • Patched hole Jib

    We share this sail reparation from an anonymous DrSails fan.

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    His Kevlar sail was perforated due to the stanchion friction. The repair was easy to do gluing a patch made by him with his own sailcloth.



    The first step was draw and cut the patch and then apply DrSails on the patch. After extend the adhesive, he put the patch on the sail and spread it.
    lww-genova-15 lww-genova-17

    The  DrSails 25  mixing nozzle format, the acetone cleaner for preparing the damaged surface, and our flexible spatula did his DIY easier and cleaner… despite our fan didn’t use  gloves!!




  • Spi Tear by José García

    José García fixed a small spi tear of his 30' cruiser boat.

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    Firstly I draw and cut a piece of spi nylon fabric. lw espi 03

    When I had the patch ready I put adhesive  and I spread it using the flexible spatula before bond it.

    lw espi 05lw espi 06

    It was very easy due to the syringe and mixer nozzle.

    I saved time and money!!

  • 10-07-2016

    Thread remake

    Pierre Lombard fixed a deck bull eye

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    A deck bull eye didn’t work due to the thread of the hole failed.

    lw agujero 112I refill the hole with DrSails Repair Pack Microspheres and after two hours I screwed again the deck bull eye. 24 hours later it was perfectly cured and the problem was solved.

    lw agujero 116

    lw agujero 117


  • Rib, gluing bow reinforcement

    JA did a fast repair

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    Gommone 4 copy


    Gommone 1 copy

    In one of our rib boat club that we use in regattas, the sewing of the protective reinforcement in the bow was broken  due to the constant chafing suffering.

    I liked solve it before the breakage increase more and more.

    We chose  adhesive DrSails due to be flexible and structural. Its application system mixing nozzle work well, easy and cleanly.

    DrSails fast curate time allowed me repair it just before leaving the mooring for a new day in my course area office.

  • An easy Padeye

    Jorge Robles show us how he installed a padeye in his J80.

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    lw paday 10 copiaI need something for organizing little things near the cockpit, so I decided put a padeye with a loop to be able to hang lifejackets, the portable VHF, some blocks, etc.  My crew and myself  are happy with this easy idea

    .lw paday 02 copialw paday 04 copialw paday 08 copialw paday 09 copia

  • 17-05-2016

    Below the waterline

    Alexis Parcerisa tuned a Wally keel underwater.

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    During Palmavela 2016, Alexis Parcerisa tuned the keel of Wally 80′ Ryokan moored in Palma. He applied DrSails 25 ml for filling the screws and then sanded.

    Easy, sure, fast and hydrodynamic.



  • Dinghy Rib patch by Fran Ripoll

    Summer, sun, family, cruising and suddenly...... dinghy problems !!

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    During my last summer cruising holidays I could repair immediately a big cut in the aft of my inflatable dinghy rib without the hassle of having to dry the nylon surface. Fortunately, in few minutes it was ready to go.


  • Daily tank leak by Carlos Ruigomez

    Easy solution for a cumbersome problem

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    We covered the diesel leakage with DrSails adhesive.
    It was fast and efficient.

    Share_Daily tank 02 Share_Daily Tank 03 Share_Daily tank_04

  • 15-03-2016

    J80 jib peel off by Bernat Cortés

    Two panels of my J80 jib broke away after windy training session....

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    Two panels of my J80 jib broke away after a windy training season.

    One DrSails 25ml syringe was enough to start the European Championship the next day.

    Share_Pell off 02Share_Peel off 03Share_Peel off 04

  • Opti Bow Crash by Magda Resano

    We repared a structural damage of one of my Opti boys.....

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    We repared a structural damage of one of my Optimist boys over my tender.

    DrSails works perfect even on wet conditions.

    Optimist Bow crash

  • My lovely boots by Jesus Renedo

    This boots are with me since six years on.....

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    This boots are with me since six years on. One day I felt how my right feet gets wetted. I have DrSails on my toolbox and I stopped it properly. Gorgeous!

    JRENEDO 2013-12-10 28221

  • 01-03-2016

    Solent tack delamination by Bruno Garcia

    Few hours after starting the Minitransat I saw a delamination .....

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    Few hours after starting the Minitransat I saw a delamination in the solent tack reinforcement. I fixed it with DrSails and I was able to sail the 3,000 miles left to Guadaloupe without problems.


    Share_Solent tack 01Share_Solent tack 03

  • Keel Bulb Pad by Jesse Naimark-Rowse

    We hanged a mooring line with our IMOCA keel and it damaged the pad between the four tone bulb and the keel.

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    Keel Bulb Pad by Jesse Naimark-Rowse

    We hanged a mooring line with our IMOCA keel and it damaged the pad between the four tone bulb and the keel. We ran uot of time so, we use the crane to lift the boat out of the water and without waiting to have it dried we made our own microcomposite with DrSails and in less than one hour we splashed her again.

    Keel bulb 01 Keel bulb 02 Keel Bulb 03 Keel Bulb 04 Keel Bulb 05 Keel Bulb 06

  • Laser Tiller by Adrià Montané

    I bonded the stainless steel protection onto my Laser tiller after.....

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    I bonded the stainless steel protection onto my Laser tiller after a tough day of racing. This protection avoids the wearness produced by the mainsheet traveller block on my carbonfiber tiller.

    Share_Laser Tiler 01 Share_Laser Tiler 02 Share_Laser tiler 03 Share_Laser Tiler 04

  • 22-02-2016

    Pool tiles by Gabriel Lozano

    I discovered DrSails as the magic solution to bond my swimmingpool small tiles underwater.....

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    I discovered DrSails as the magic solution to bond my swimmingpool small tiles underwater. I don’t need to empty thousands of water liters to solve it. Excellent solution!

    Share_Piscina 01Share_Piscina 02

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