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  • DrSails properties

    DrSails is known for being FAST, FLEXIBLE, STRUCTURAL and UNDERWATER. These four features make it an ideal solution for emergency repairs. The following tutorials are provided so that DrSails’ users can witness the product features first-hand.

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    • Reparations

      Dry, Filling, Gluing, Off board, On board, Patch, Wet,
    • Materials

      Accessories, Adhesives, Putty,
    • Applications

      Boats, Clothes, DIY, Other Sports, Ribs, Sails, Watersports,


    DrSails properties


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      DrSails 25

      An exclusive self-applicable syringe ready to use under all circumstances!

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      All Purpose Marine Adhesive in a 10ml single use format for your pocket. Good things come in small packs!

      DrSails 10

      Self-applicable format ideal for small, quick and precise applications.

      DrSails 265

      Compatible with conventional high viscosity caulking guns and ideal for an intensive use of DrSails technology.

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