DrSails makes your life easier. Check here how!

  • Opti Bow Crash by Magda Resano

    We repared a structural damage of one of my Opti boys.....

  • Pool tiles by Gabriel Lozano

    I discovered DrSails as the magic solution to bond my swimmingpool small tiles underwater.....

  • Rib, gluing bow reinforcement

    JA did a fast repair

  • Below the waterline

    Alexis Parcerisa tuned a Wally keel underwater.

  • Rib hutch cracked

    Seal the crack avoid water filtration in the double hull of the rib.

  • Keel Bulb Pad by Jesse Naimark-Rowse

    We hanged a mooring line with our IMOCA keel and it damaged the pad between the four tone bulb and the keel.

  • My lovely boots by Jesus Renedo

    This boots are with me since six years on.....

  • Steering wheel emergency repair

    Efficient steering wheel repair made in the night during the Sydney-Hobart Race.

  • Thread remake

    Pierre Lombard fixed a deck bull eye